Ex-Dictator’s Daughter Barred from Running Presidency

Ex-Dictator’s Daughter Barred from Running Presidency
As constitutional courts are concerned, close relatives of leaders involved in coups are not allowed to serve as president. Zury Rios, the daughter of Guatemala’s ex-dictator leader Efrain Rios is now being under the topic as court rules prohibit politician who rose by force to run as president, which extend until the fourth degree of consanguinity.The aspiring president is currently under the Valor Party and has been in second top in recent polls. Rios, being a long term government servant who has served Congress during her four terms, cannot run to office after the court ruled a 4-3 split decision on May 13.At a press conference, Martin Guzman, a secretary of Constitutional court, said that the decision is to preserve democratic order. The revocation of candidacy is set to rule out within 24 hours.Efrain Rios, father of then Zury Rios was known to be the ruthless leader in Guatemala during the 80s where his position was taken out by force and was responsible for the indigenous killings that wiped out the Mayan villages. His leadership rose during the war of Marxist rebels and the military and got his power through coup d’état.The accused was also responsible for the killing of at least 1,700 Mayans and got convicted of a crime against humanity and genocide in 2013. He was also the first person who had the highest position to get convicted.Meanwhile, relatives of the victims in the killing of indigenous people during the 30 years Guatemalan civil war agreed with the court’s decision.Other Guatemala’s presidential front runners namely Sandra Torres, a former First Lady, and Thelma Aldana, the former attorney general, also faced bar in the presidential position as both are facing charges which they both denied.Guatemala’s election will be on June 16. 

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