Green Light From Ecuador For The US To Take Assange’s Computers And Files From The Embassy

Green Light From Ecuador For The US To Take Assange’s Computers And Files From The Embassy
According to an official note, the Ecuadorian government has allowed a search of one of the rooms which Assange used in the Ecuadorian embassy. It has also agreed to release all of the documents both print and digital, computers, drives, CDs, and cellphones that they will find in the room.USA is still pushing for the extradition of Assange from the UK to face charges against him of releasing classified military cables to the public in 2010. He is facing up to 5 years in prison if he is summoned in the US and found guilty of conspiracy to commit computer intrusion. Assange is responsible for leaking over 400000 classified documents about the Afghanistan and Iraq wars.Assange’s room is set to be searched on May 20, 9 am, London time with supervision from a computer forensic expert, Milton Jaque and Diego Lopez who is the chief of police.The cyber activist was turned over to the British authorities after Ecuador finally agreed to withdraw its political asylum which it granted to Assange in June 2012. The new Ecuadorian government considered Assange as a problem and, therefore, decided to allow British authorities to arrest Assange. In addition to that, the renewed ties between the US and Ecuador have led to the latter government agreeing to search and surrender Assange’s belongings to the US government to assist with the investigation. US and Ecuador have been cooperating judicially for several months now.Assange told a court in London that he has no intentions of surrendering to extradition to the US. He has already been sentenced to over seven months in prison by a British court for skipping bail in 2012 when Sweden was requesting for his extradition to face charges of rape and sexual assault.

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