Six Dead in the Bus Crash near South-Central Chile

Six Dead in the Bus Crash near South-Central Chile

The road is always a dangerous place and is very prone to vehicular crashes. This is the reason why drivers must always pay attention to the street and prioritize the lives of the passengers. However, another cruel fate was met in the current incident that happened in Chile. In such event, 6 victims have met a dreadful fate and died on the spot. Meanwhile, 30 more passengers were reported to have acquired injuries. The organization who is accounted for the bus driver's action are the Pullman transport group.

The mishap happened near South-Central Chile which led to the death of four ladies and two men, one of who was identified to be a Paraguayan resident. The other 30, however, are still doing their best to recover from grave injuries. This was all clarified by Jose Silva who is the director in charge at the moment.

Silva stated that the reasons for the mishap presently can't seem to be resolved, given the transportation vehicle was at present on specialized modifications. This caused the investigation to be more complicated and needed to be directed with more attention.

The bus was carrying 52 passengers in total, excluding the driver and another companion.

The official in charge demonstrated his sympathy for what had happened, saying the organization had authorized transports for the people's families to get them to the emergency clinics where their relatives had been sent.

The manager said in his statement that as an organization, they are so upset about what had occurred. They send their condolences to the families of the victims who have suffered in the accident. He added to his statement that such things are unanticipated occasions.

Prior to this event, the local police detailed that the driver had lost control of the transport, which at that point flipped onto its left side; however, more data are being gathered from those included to illuminate the circumstance. This accident is yet to be further investigated.

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