Argentinian Legislator Dies Three Days After the ‘Mafia-Like’ Shootout

Argentinian Legislator Dies Three Days After the ‘Mafia-Like’ Shootout
Argentinian president, Mauricio Macri, had declared a 48-hour period of national mourning after legislator, Hector Olivarez, has been declared dead from the injuries obtained during the mafia attack.Three days earlier, a shootout happened that took the life of a provincial official and has wounded several victims, including Olivarez. Six people have been arrested over the attack, which has been described by many as a mafia attack. The incident has shocked many Argentinians and the government continues to upkeep security measures on government buildings.Olivarez has been a legislator of the La Rioja province for the lower House in the Chamber of Deputies and an active member of the Radical Civic Union party. The provincial official, Marcelo Yadon, was working for the federal electric transportation system for La Rioja. Both have been victims of the shootout that happened in front of the Congressional Building in Buenos Aires.The Argentinian police continue to investigate the attack, but there have been speculations on the anti-government movement that displeases groups in the community. Several angles have also been investigated whether the shootout has something to do with politics as well, though chances of politics being involved are slim as Olivares has no known political rivals.They were also investigating the involvement of Yadon in this case whether the suspects of the shootout may have something to do with his office in the federal electric transportation system. The arrested individuals have not yet released a statement on their involvement in the crime. However, the police are optimistic about the prosecution of these individuals and their 'mafia-like' assault.The funeral will soon be declared by the immediate family of Olivarez and the nation mourns for the loss of a renowned legislator for La Rioja. His represented province also paid respect to Olivarez. All flags have been flown at half mast to participate in the 48-hour period of national mourning.

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