Machu Picchu to Commence Preservation Work: Limits Tourists Access on the Site

Machu Picchu to Commence Preservation Work: Limits Tourists Access on the Site
The Peruvian authorities have set up limited tourist access to start preservation works on some structures within the site.The Peruvian government had made the initiative to preserve this famous Incan city complex after signs of structure degradation has become visible in the past few years. As part of the preservation work, the government had controlled tourists access to the site and allowed a maximum of three hours to visit one of the two towers in Machu Picchu.A maximum count of 6,000 tourists can have their tour to one of the two citadel structures, which will be guided by a licensed and local guide. The Ministry of Culture has been working on the preservation of the Condor Temple, the Intiwatana Pyramid, and the Temple of the Sun. Tourist limitations will begin on May 15th and may even be extended until June 1st as needed. This will serve as a pilot program to begin preservation work on Machu Picchu, as reported by Jose Bastante, the head of the Machu Picchu Archaeological Park.This UNESCO World Heritage site has been known to be a historical and cultural treasure due to its well-planned structure amidst its location in the Andes mountains. Since the 15th century, this Incan city has been a cultural center to the natives of South America long before the expedition of the European explorers and the colonization of the continent by the Spanish and Portuguese colonizers.Now, this heritage site has been bringing 2 to 3 million tourists annually to Peru to witness the glory days of the Incan Empire. This is also considered the most visited tourist attraction in Peru.As of today, the Peruvian government continues to keep this structure as a monument to the glorious Incan civilization that had brought in a lot of cultural heritage not just to Peru but to the whole world.

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