45 Bodies Recovered at Clandestine Burial Sites in Mexico

45 Bodies Recovered at Clandestine Burial Sites in Mexico
The discovery of 45 bodies at clandestine burial sites in Mexico was confirmed today. The officials uncovered 30 cadavers in the northern state of Sonora and 15 more bodies were discovered under the patio of a house in Guadalajara.A group of forensic experts was sent to the site together with volunteers who helped search the dead bodies. According to the Sonora state prosecutor's office, approximately 27 corpses were found in a field near Cajeme. The search lasted for a day; and before the day ended, one of the volunteers, Guerreras Buscadoras from Warrior Searchers, confirmed that they found an additional three sets of remains.The Sonora state prosecutor's office also said that they will work hand in hand with Warrior Searches in finding their loved ones. Warrior Searchers is a group who organizes their own digging teams to search for their missing relatives.These volunteer searchers often rely on tips about the location of the burial ground. They organize the team to act on the tips if they feel that the officials are not acting on the report.Drug cartels in Mexico often use clandestine burial sites to dispose and hide the bodies of an executed rival or kidnap victims. In 2016, there are about hundreds of clandestine burial sites recorded; the most recent ones are not yet accounted for.An anonymous tip was received by the prosecutors in Jalisco about the burial site under the patio of a family house in Zapopan.Gerardo Solis, a state prosecutor in Jalisco, mentioned that the search for bodies of a woman and 14 men was not easy because the search operation took more than a week. The bodies were also buried a few days after because it might become a threat to the health of the community.Neighbors of the family house in Zapopan said that people who stayed in the house lived in single rooms, and it's the house has been a place for buying and selling drugs.

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