Miles Hewitt, long-serving Peru Officer, obtains Republican bid for Peru mayor

Miles Hewitt, long-serving Peru Officer, obtains Republican bid for Peru mayor
Hewitt is set to compete against present mayor Gabe Greer who is currently aiming for a second term. The 38-year-old political beginner and expert of the Peru Police Department thoroughly defeated two other contestants on the 7th of May to earn the Republican bid for the Peru mayor.Miles got nearly 60 percent of the total votes in the primary election, as 750 people cast ballots in the race. Wayne Bunker, a former board member for Peru Community Schools and 2015 mayor candidate, gained 23 percent of the vote. David Makin, who was also a mayor contestant eight years ago, attained 17 percent. Speaking on the evening of the same day, Hewitt said he was thrilled by his huge victory against his two opponents.

More involvement of young people is Hewitt’s purpose

The voter turnout was sluggish, but the residents elected who they wanted to exemplify for the mayor of Peru. A 67-year-old resident accredited his win to his service in the police sector and the character he developed while serving with the public. Miles believes that during his 38-plus years in the police department, he has always been honest and treated everybody fairly.In the primary election rallies, Hewitt aimed at generating more activities for children and getting youthful residents involved in the town. In response to a Kokomo Tribune questionnaire, he said that the kids are the future and as a society, they need to expedite growth and learning.

Miles plans to relocate the city’s airport

Miles also called for setting a feasibility study board to transfer the town’s airport to Grissom Aeroplex. He said he would plan to eliminate the extra expense to residents to get the street department to collect chairs, coaches, and other commodities.The candidate is presently formulating a rally strategy towards the general election. He said if he attains victory, he will resign from the police department on 31st of December. If he fails, he will remain in the department.

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