US, looking to possibly lift bans on Venezuelan authorities that reject Maduro

US, looking to possibly lift bans on Venezuelan authorities that reject Maduro
On the 7th of May, Vice President Mike Pence said the White House would consider removing sanctions on Venezuelan authorities who deserted President’s Nicolas Maduro’s government and united with the opposition that aims to topple him. Speaking at the yearly Washington Conference at the State Department, Mr. Pompeo noted that the US would consider sanction relief for those who hold out for the constitution and advocate for the rule of law.To be concise, Mr. Pence said the US was removing bans imposed against Gen. Manuel Christopher Figuera, intellect chief who decamped recently to join Guaido, head of Venezuela’s National Assembly.

Maduro still in power despite call for surrender

Early this year, Guaido cited the state’s constitution in declaring himself interim president and blaming Maduro of attempting to stay in control for a subsequent term based on a dishonest election in 2018. Later, President Trump acknowledged Mr. Guaido as Venezuela's interim president and requested Mr. Maduro to surrender his authoritarian governance amid his disastrous monetary policies.About 50 countries have accepted Mr. Guaido. Nevertheless, Mr. Maduro has clung to power, primarily because he has the backing of military leaders. Many countries, notably Cuba and Russia, also support him.

Venezuelan military officials still in favor of Maduro

Mr. Pence said that the US had enforced injunctions on more than 150 Venezuelan officers and nation-owned corporations. Towards the end of January, the Trump administration declared what was fundamentally an oil embargo on Venezuela in an attempt to eliminate purchases of crude oil by the nation’s largest clients, American firms.In what looked like the last push to strive to take control of the government, Mr. Guaido asked for mass demonstrations from his supporters and military leaders on the 30th of April to desert Maduro. However, by evening, the military was still in support of Maduro.

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