Remains of the Plane that Crashed in Mexico Found

Remains of the Plane that Crashed in Mexico Found
The debris of a missing aircraft holding 13 people has been discovered in a remote place in the northern state of Coahuila, as stated by the security department of the country.  The private jet went missing on the 5th of May on its destination to Monterrey, Mexico. Since then, Mexican authorities have been looking for it. It was departing from Las Vegas, McCarran International Airport according to Gov. Miguel Riquelme. Mexican officials said that a flight plan revealed that there were three crew members and ten passengers on board.  The state of the seven men and six women remains unclear as of now.Aircraft Turned Untraceable after Reaching 40,000 FeetThe jet lost contact after flying above Monclova, Mexico, a town located 111 miles northwest of Monterrey and almost 114 miles southwest of the US-Mexico border, as stated by Riquelme. Its debris was seen in a remote area close to Ocampo, Coahuila, when officials run an aerial survey. Many law enforcement groups were headed to the crash scene the following day. According to, a flight tracking site, after turning off at 37,000 feet, the aircraft started slightly acquiring and losing altitude. When the jet later ascended to about 40, 000 feet, FlightAware was incapable of continuing tracing the flight.Details of the Plane’s Operator not yet KnownOn the 6th of May, a spokesman with the Federal Aviation Administration stated the agency had no information concerning the flight and directed queries about incidents in Mexico’s airspace to local officials. According to the local media reports, the plane was labelled as a Bombardier Challenger 600 series model. The Mexican civil aviation authority and other organizations have started retrieving bodies and what remained of the aircraft. The jet listed to Utah-based TVPX  registered as an insurance, customs, and trust corporation. At the moment, the firm declined to clarify on who was running the plane. 

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