Michetti’s Visit to Improve Malaysia-Argentinian Ties

Michetti’s Visit to Improve Malaysia-Argentinian Ties
Argentinian Vice-President Marta Gabriella’s visit to Malaysia is established to be the impetus for the subsequent wave of Kuala Lumpur-Buenos Aires association. Michetti, who has been on a five-day appointment since May 2nd, expected her duty call would help strengthen connections with Malaysia and pave the way for more opportunities for the associations between both countries. Her visit is also the first official visit from the Argentinian side in twenty-two years ever since the 1990 and 1997 tour of previous President Carlos Menem. She expressed her admiration for the development course in Malaysia. Argentina and Malaysia have related well, and she believes their relationship can be further strengthenedNotable Companies also Attended the MeetingMichetti hoped that more Malaysian financiers would consider investing in Argentina and take part in the sustainable progress of the South American nation. Later, Leiking and Michetti attended the Round-Table conference with Argentinian and Malaysian corporations, chambers of commerce, and financing funds where both countries discussed and exchanged opinions on ways to strengthen bilateral trade and association' among those who attended the one and a half hour discussion were agents from National Chamber of Commerce and Industry Malaysia (NCCIM), Employees Provident Fund (EPF), IJM Corporation Berhad, Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers (FMM), and Petronas.Goods Traded Between the Two CountriesArgentina is the third largest exchange partner with Malaysia among the Latin American nations with a percentage of 15.3  after Mexico and Brazil. In the Malaysian export destination list, Argentina is the fifth with 3.3 per cent after Brazil, Chile, México, and Peru. The total Malaysia-Argentina mutual trade last year amounted to 1.34 billion dollars. Malaysia's key exports to Argentina are petroleum products, machinery, palm oil, electronics, rubber products, petroleum products, and equipment. Main imports from Argentina are leather, processed food, vegetable oil, seafood, animal feed, and agricultural products. After Brazil, Argentina is Malaysia’s second primary import source, from Latin America.

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