What Life’s like for Retired Expatriates in Ecuador

What Life’s like for Retired Expatriates in Ecuador
Ecuador often shows up on the top destinations to retire abroad lists. Live and Invest Overseas named Ecuador as it's no. Seven on the 2019 list and International Living ranked Ecuador at no. 4 for last two years. Cynthia Staton and Edd are among expats who relocated to Cuenca from Las Vegas last decade and provide a Retirement Reimagined Program to assist other abroad retirees. The experience sometimes varies from the rosy picture attracting growing numbers of American expatriates, according to Mathew Hayes.Most International Retirees in Ecuador come from America and CanadaHayes, who resides in Canada, is an economic sociologist and an international scholar at St. Thomas University. He spent about nine months making field visits in Cuenca, Ecuador. Cuenca is a metropolitan region with a population of about 700,000. The expert interviewed around 108 individuals who had relocated there mostly to retire. Hayes wanted to figure out why they opted to move to a cheaper retirement destination. Almost all were Americans with a few being Canadians.Common Reasons that Lead to the RelocationSome of the respondents said they opted to move to Ecuador since it was hard to buy and maintain retirement in a place like Los Angeles if you are not individually productive. For others, their careers did not progress the way they wanted, so they were searching for a more meaningful life. Several retirees were exploring for an adventure. Travel is currently a sign of success in the third stage of life. It signifies you are living a fruitful retirement. The expats discussed being active and the ability to interact with many people. It is all related to the notion of active ageing, which is a leading cultural ideal of age at that moment. Besides, global lifestyle promoters are marketing real estate overseas and lifestyle experiences, generating revenue off to those relocations.  

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