Is Mexico about to have an Abysmal Summer Travel Season?

Is Mexico about to have an Abysmal Summer Travel Season?
Mexico’s tourism industry is obviously experiencing a low travel rate this summer season. With the vast increase of the rate in drug-related crime, theft, and violence, these recent months have caused the multiple travel advisories to be issued by the State Departments to Americans who travel in different parts of Mexico in the previous months. In addition to these, ending the country’s tourism board has been recently decided by the Mexican government.This issue has become a tool for confusion on what will Mexico summer vacation season look like this year. Even if Cancun keeps its own track as the top International destination for travellers from the United States in 2019, this doesn’t keep away the negative predictions of the tourism industry of Mexico. One of the travel insurance companies, Allianz Global Assistance, predicted there will be significantly a dip in travels from the United States to Mexico this year. Last year’s travel percentage from the United States to Mexico is accounted for 15.7 percent. This rate is predicted to go down up to 10.5 percent of the international travel. If this happens, this would be a pain especially to businesses and resorts of Mexico’s many popular tourist spots.So, if Mexico’s tourism is expected to go down, where will the travellers go in the approaching summer? Well, Mexico is still actually loved by the Americans during summer along with the Caribbean. Actually, all 10 of the top international travel destinations for 2019 are located in either Mexico or the Caribbean. Among the list for Americans’ popular destinations are the Providenciales in Turks and Caicos, San Juan, Puerto Vallarta, and Grand Cayman, while Cancun takes the top and Aruba takes the second place. It is a bit different from two years ago when Paris and London held spots.Domestic destinations are always remembered by the Americans when it comes to summer fun. It’s not a surprise to anyone anymore to know that Orlando has gained the top destination for Americans. Seattle, Los Angeles, Boston, New York, San Francisco, Honolulu, Maui, and Portland are among the top domestic cities for tourism.

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