Argentina Approach Duo’s Hockeyroos During Shootout Adventure

Argentina Approach Duo’s Hockeyroos During Shootout Adventure
The top four dreams for Hockeyroos' FIH Pro League has cut short after the team, starring Mollymook's Kalindi Commerford and Gerringong's Grace Stewart, underwent a dramatic 3-1 shootout loss to Argentina in Buenos Aires on the morning of 5th May. The game had completed 1-all after sixty minutes, with both teams maintaining a point. Nevertheless, Argentina’s shootout win gave them another bonus point, making them second place on the FIH Pro League position and Australia in fourth. The Hockeyroos began on an early lead when Maddy Fitzpatrick drove in a goal on the second minute from a penalty corner. However, the hosts fought back from their 18th minute short corner courtesy of Silvina d'Elia.The Audience Witnesses a Dramatic ContestIn a fairly even competition, both teams had four penalty corners as Argentina approached Australia with 15-12 circle entries. Argentina had a better opportunity but could not get a winner. During the shootout, Brooke Peris, Edwina Bone, and Rosie Malone failed with their efforts for Australia. Rachael Lynch, Hockeyroos keeper, had blocked Agostina Alonso and Lucina von der Heyde, but Julieta Jankunas and Carla Rebecchi exploited on Australia’s misses to settle on the bonus point.Matches to Take Place Coming WeekendOn the morning of May 11th, Australia will play against the US (number 12) in Pennsylvania. Following the March’s reverse starring 3-1 home defeat to Argentina in Sydney, the Hockeyroos commenced on the blocks with Savannah Fitzpatrick, giving the addition to Maddy to strike home the second-minute opener. Earlier on, the chances were slim and far away, with Argentina coming closer as Lynch was rescued well from a penalty corner in the 4th minute. Las Leonas stood forward for the leveler just three minutes to the second quarter as d'Elia's strong drive from a short edge was impermissible by Ash Wells, the Australia keeper.  

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