Even though Wilson Contreras’ Attention is on Baseball, his Heart is in Venezuela

Even though Wilson Contreras’ Attention is on Baseball, his Heart is in Venezuela
Approaching his locker, earphones in his ears, Wilson dances a little as he proceeds to the next session of his pre-game routine. Before the discussions and training, Contreras started his mornings with exercises in an attempt to get his mind on baseball and ease the pressures of the world he had on his shoulders. The twenty-six-year-old is using baseball as a means of escaping from the disastrous situation in his nation, Venezuela. When he is at the ballpark, he’s delighted and enjoys every moment with his teammates. However, when he leaves, the thought of Venezuela comes back. He said that he keeps on thinking about how the people in his homeland are doing and if the situation will ever come to an end.Thoughts Wilson Deals with DailyContreras’ 2019 revival is still remarkable when you consider everything he's coping with every day outside of baseball. It is not managing some delayed slump at the plate nor a 2-7 beginning to the season. As for Venezuelans, it is a subject of life or death. Wilson narrates of how difficult it is to see children between the ages of five and eight looking for food in trash in Venezuela. People are also perishing for lack of health care. Currently, it's hard to go there because he has to witness all of that.Seeing Venezuelans Thinking about their Futures in their Homeland is HurtfulLast week, thousands of protesters marched in Venezuela in an attempt to compel socialist, President Nicolas Maduro, to resign. As tensions build up and revolution rises, Contreras said he’s afraid for his nation. Speaking in spring training, Wilson noted that everyone has a different heart since the government is aware of how bad they are destroying the country. He further said the regime also recognizes that the military is killing people to obey orders from the administration.  

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