Isabela, the explorer, embarks on a voyage to beautiful Peru

Isabela, the explorer, embarks on a voyage to beautiful Peru
Even though Isabela Moner’s motherland is Cleveland, Ohio, her heart is on the historic and culturally amazing land of Lima, Peru. The space between her mother’s land and Peru is what makes her heart warmer. She told HOLA she tries to explore Peru as much as she can especially in the New Year’s festivals. If the celebrity doesn’t have a tight schedule, she’d rather be there and live if she didn't have much going on in the US.  This passion started when she toured with her family as a kid. She discovered how amazing the South American nation was.Moner likes learning of Peru’s culture like the Bristas del TiticacaOne particular place the star is fond of going is La Huaca. It is in the midst of discovered ruins in Lima. She advises people to go at night when the ruins are lighting, as it’s like dining right in them. For a customary dinner out, Bristas del Titicaca has a traditional show during the meal. The ceviche is another gorgeous place you might not want to miss as you visit Peru. Isabela says that Lomo saltado, a beef uniquely fried in the Peruvian way, is everyone’s preference.  According to the superstar, it would be prudent if you find a place that cooks Pachamanca, similarly prepared like in an underground oven.Exceptional Hiking and boat-riding The seventeen-year-old states that everybody needs to explore Machu Picchu, which requires passing by Cusco first. It is among the best human-made wonders of the world.  You can hike for 3-6 days or use a train and climb half of the way. Somewhere from Lima, you will see the Peruvian forest. The Amazon river offers breathtaking boat trips according to Isabela. As you have your meal at the restaurant, you can enjoy the dolphins right from the middle of Amazon. After traveling, the celebrity ensures she tours the beaches when she is in the city, particularly in the summertime. 

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