American stallions penetrate Argentina

American stallions penetrate Argentina

For the last ten years, many Argentinian farms have speculated and invested in North American Stallions. More than twelve horses arrived Southern America to commence their controlled racing creating careers at various facilities. Spectators have not seen the offsprings of the horses on track since a few arrived in Argentina in 2018 and 2017, entailing that their foals will participate in 2020 and 2021.

The audience had the chance to watch the descendants of Saroyan Hanover, an unraced horse and first offspring of the world champion to reach Argentina. The leader of Haras Centauro, Mr. Jorge Rodriguez, brought the foal at a yearling trade at the Meadows.

Foals brought by officials

There have also been some broods of Eleven AM, a multiple open and stake winner at Pompano Park located near the Haras Koto Farm in Cordoba Province. Marcelo Pierucci and Gabriel Devia brought Iron Legend to Haras El Arroyo ranch who had a couple of bet winner stallions and who is currently in Brazil. Also included was Stoneroll Jackson who was in the Haras Albion of the Diane household in Argentina as a player for many matches.

The horses have a record of stake winnings

The Haras San Carlos ranch of the Cánepa clan added foals like the most outstanding New Jersey Champion Fresh Deck and the Fool House. Fresh Deck has descendants who have participated in some matches of the Copa Criadores in Argentina and Gran Premio National Finals.

The broods have also been champions when they went to Brazil. Ramón Errazquín‘s barn, Haras San Ramón, along with Lookout Hanover, had an achievement in Argentina as he is the sire of great and several Argentine victors. For the first time, Progeny of Pedro Island witnessed the racing tracks in 2018 owned by Haras La Leyenda.

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