Illegal Immigrants Overwhelm Border Patrol and City Resources As They Swamp to Yuma

Illegal Immigrants Overwhelm Border Patrol and City Resources As They Swamp to Yuma
Thirteen illegal immigrants from Guatemala shocked the border patrol in Yuma, Arizona when they arrived in the middle of the night. They emerged to the roads, seemingly equally shocked, after having crossed the United Stated through Colorado River in the darkness of the night.Everybody was too surprised to move until one Epoch Times reporter regained awareness of the situation and took initiative to greet the bunch and ask them questions in Spanish. They started walking towards the area where they were to for Border Patrol, but the patrol was busy responding with another group. Local police took charge, gathered them, and conducted interviews to check everyone’s welfare.Among the thirteen was a woman, with her seven-year-old daughter, who said that she planned to go to her brother-in-law in Florida. Unfortunately, her husband and their four-year-old child were still in Guatemala. She added that she had traveled going north by truck and bus. Another man in the group informed that he had a month-long trip from Guatemala and that he had to pay from 60,000 to 70,000 quetzals for it. That is around $7,800 to $9,000. He was planning to live with his cousin in Georgia.After the short interview, the Border Patrol arrived to process the thirteen Guatemalans. They checked documentation, took their names, and gave plastic bags for the Guatemalans’ things. After all that, a van in stand-by took them to the processing facility. These thirteen illegal immigrants add to the 31,393 illegal aliens that Border Patrol had taken in Yuma since the start of the year 2019.Border Patrol Porvaznik said right now, they lack the manpower to cover everything and resources to support all illegal crossers. They hold them for an average of 100 hours, wherein they also have to provide them with their necessities. With the overwhelming number of illegal immigrants arriving in Yuma, resources such as food and products for hygiene have become a challenge.

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