The phantom of Nankints, Ecuador

The phantom of Nankints, Ecuador
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In the year 2016, a mining corporation forcibly evicted the Shuar community in Nankints, Ecuador. The population is yet to return. Sandri Chinkim, a villager in the Shuar community, attempted to return last August 2016, but he discovered that their home is no longer present. Thirty-year-old Chinkim, who is also a dad, left his people a day before to visit his remaining in-laws who reside one hundred kilometers afar.He said that when he came back, there was no sign of life or houses in the area; they were all buried. Around thirty-two individuals resided in Nankints, a small area in the slopes of the Condor Mountain Range that’s located in the southern part of Ecuadorean Amazon. Here, you can find remnants of zinc and wood, maybe the only indication that there were once inhabitants in the area.Nankints Community Forcefully EvictedTwo days before, a group of officers, with a court order, had rejected the community. The inhabitants were told by the police that the land was entitled to a mining corporation, Explorcobres S.Al they were told that that they were occupying it. Chinkim said they were asked to get out with their stuff in two minutes. The police then took down the houses. What remained are buried. Eight households took shelter in nearby cities like Tsuntsuim, Santiago de Pananza, and San Carlos de Limón. The Nankints ‘s four hectares became, by the power of ejection, the mining site Le Esperanza.Explorcobres S.A Intends to Extract MineralsThere are no residues of zinc and wood in the Nankint’s habitat anymore. However, there are 7 tiny constructions with silver roofs, at the center of narrow dirt passages, bounded by a two-meter high metal hedge fortified with clouding barbed wire. In the cement sentry box, a security officer safeguards past the project camp, where the quarry company wants to extract the mountain range enriched with copper for the next twenty-five years.

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