Peru Deports First Batch of Venezuelan Migrants

Peru Deports First Batch of Venezuelan Migrants
Over 40 migrants from Venezuela were deported by Peru due to records of illegal residence in the country and other criminal records, according to the interior minister on Monday, during the very first large expulsion, as thousands of Venezuelans seek to find refuge in Peru to escape their nation’s ongoing economic crisis.On Monday morning, during a police operation, the migrants were detained in Lima’s various districts, the capital city of Peru. Hours later, the detained migrants were put on board a military plane bound for Venezuela.Carlos Moran, Peru’s interior minister, said that the deported Venezuelans had provided dishonest sworn declarations in their application for residency and false clean records. The wrongful acts of the Venezuelans were grounds for deportation according to Peru’s laws of migration.Peru is second to Colombia in terms of the number of hosted Venezuelan migrants and refugees. Over the past year, Peru welcomed a whopping 700,000 Venezuelans. Peru alone already has a 32 million population.Since 2015, around 3 million Venezuelans left their home country to escape its economic crisis and seek other places wherein they can satisfy their basic needs such as food, water, and medicine. It’s estimated that a further 2 million will migrate to other neighboring countries, most notably to Peru and Colombia.In early 2017, the Peruvian government created temporary permits of residence for Venezuelan refugees, which allowed them to receive educational and health services and grab job opportunities. However, last year, Peruvian President Martin Vizcarra halted the applications for the program.Nowadays, the mass immigration of Venezuelans in Peru has been deemed negatively by 67% of Peru’s population. Last year, that number was only 43%, according to recent polls. The number one concern is crime, followed by the local’s fear of minimal job opportunities.

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