Chile Scientists have Discovered a 15,000-year-old Footstep

Chile Scientists have Discovered a 15,000-year-old Footstep
A group of researchers in Chile have found a human footmark that’s more than fifteen thousand years. It is one of the earliest signs of social presence found in the Americas. The finding challenges the former timeline and route of the human departure to South America. Most available evidence stated that human beings did not move to the Patagonia area at the southern part of South America until 12,000 years ago as told by Karen Moreno, one of the researchers. The investigators believe that the trace fossil is a notion of the bare right foot of a human being. The findings were published in a scientific journal, PLOS-ONE, last week.The Antique Human Footmark could be the Biggest PrizeThe footmark was seen in 2010 at a paleo-archaeological spot in the town of Osorno in the southern part of Chile, at the border of a city home development. However, it took years for research to substantiate the age of the fossil by carbon dating. Experts got notified of the richness of the region after construction laborers, digging to construct homes, started unearthing treasures concealed below the surface. A recent wave of research has been taking place since 1986 and has found out remains of giant creatures, varying from horses to mastodons to paleo-Ilama, bigger genera of Ilama that is currently extinct.Substantiating the Print’s AgeVerifying the footprint’s age took eight years. Mario Pino, Moreno's colleague, discovered the footmark before Christmas in 2010. The group used radiocarbon-dating methods to get the age of bones, seeds, and wood found around the notion. The experts also learned of evidence of primitive stone tools in the place near the fossil. The species identifies as Hominipes modernus that closely relates to Homo sapiens. The tests on the organic material around the footmark resulted in a variety of possible dates with the median age fixing the mark at around 15,600 years ago. 

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