Colombia to Receive Support from UK Aid As It Welcomes Refugees and Migrants from Venezuela

Colombia to Receive Support from UK Aid As It Welcomes Refugees and Migrants from Venezuela
Abrigo Rondon 1, em Boa Vista, que recebeu cerca de 100 venezuelanos vindos da cidade de Pacaraima nos últimos dois dias.
Colombia will host over a million refugees and migrants from Venezuela. These Venezuelans are forced to leave their own country as the country's economy continues to take a nose dive. Colombia’s hosting of the Venezuelan refugees and migrants will be supported by the new UK aid package.With the UK aid, the Colombian Government will have access to low-interest loans via the World Bank. These loans will provide Colombia with countless opportunities such as the improvement of health and educational services, job accessibility, and the growth of low carbon emission sectors. The UK aid not only supports Colombia’s Venezuelan refugees and migrants, but it could also help boost Colombia’s very own economic growth and stability.This could lead to an even stronger relationship between the UK and Colombia as the recipient country is an important partner for stability and trade in the region. In addition, the UK is already Venezuela’s largest donors as it tackles its economic crisis, receiving emergency aids for its malnourished children along with vaccinations and pure drinkable water for its vulnerable communities.Penny Mordaunt, the International Development Secretary, stated that Colombia has showcased its full generosity in providing aid to its Venezuelan neighbours. The secretary added that the aid package will certainly strengthen the partnership and relationship between Colombia, Venezuela, and the United Kingdom.This is not the first time that the UK provided aid via the World Bank. They’ve also provided loans to the Middle East such as in Jordan which hosts millions of Syrian refugees because of Syria’s constant wars and conflict.The UK aid program is also a prime example of Prime Minister Theresa May’s vision to help build the developing world’s economic growth towards stability. She spoke of her vision during her speech in a political gathering in Cape Town.            

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