President of Mexico Launches New Project for A New Capital Airport

President of Mexico Launches New Project for A New Capital Airport
Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, president of Mexico, launched work for a new airport project in Mexico City. It will replace the cancelled $13 billion airport project that was only partially built. The previous project was cancelled by President Lopez Obrador when he took his position.The Mexican president assured that the new airport, Felipe Angeles Airport, will not exceed its allocated budget and that it will save money for the government even with the half-built airport’s cancellation.The new airport got its name from a general who was an ally of Pancho Villa, a revolutionary icon. The soon-to-rise airport is located at the military base called Santa Lucia, and it will be built by the army with a budget of $4.1 billion. Construction for the Felipe Angeles Airport hasn’t begun yet despite reports that it’s slated to be operational around 2021.Airport critics aired out their concern that the Felipe Angles Airport will have problems operating simultaneously with the Santa Lucia base. However, reports from the military assured that they could work simultaneously with the Felipe Angeles Airport when it comes to air space.The government was called by the Zeferino Ladrillero Human Rights Center on Monday to consult nearby communities. The group raised their concern that the Felipe Angeles Airport will impact the livelihoods of nearby families as the airport is predicted to consume 1.6 million gallons of water per day when it becomes operational.President Lopez Obrador responded to the human rights group saying that they’ve already conducted the consultations, and the end result was that the locals gave the new airport project a thumbs-up. However, there were no specific details on how the consultations were executed.The Felipe Angeles Airport could accommodate around 20 million passengers when it begins operations in 2021.

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