Cuban Immigrants Protest for Food and Freedom after Fleeing from Mexico

Cuban Immigrants Protest for Food and Freedom after Fleeing from Mexico
Immigration authorities have reported that almost six hundred Cuban refugees are at large since Friday evening. The migrants were a part of a group that escaped from a migration detention center in Southern Mexico the previous day. According to a statement released by Mexico’s National Immigration Institute, instead of the initial 1300 escapees, it recounted on Thursday night and just 645 immigrants had escaped. The statement said that only thirty-five of those who fled had returned with no explanation why the figures reduced. At that time, the center was accommodating a total of 1745 people. The facility was meant to hold less than a thousand people.the Overwhelming Number of Migrants Overcame the Immigration AgentsThe runway started with Cuban refugees fleeing their holding area to a place meant for women, mostly Honduran. It led to a commotion and immigrants obtained access to other areas of the detention facility before finally making it to the central entrance. Migration officers were not armed and were not in a position to intervene. Hours after the great escape, groups of detained immigrants protested on Friday, shouting that they want food and freedom. This escape is deemed the largest from a migration center in Mexico and also a current example of how the authority has an overburden of an influx of Cuban, Haitian, and Central American migrants.Shortage of Food and Accommodation in the Detention CenterTapachula residents reported witnessing hundreds of refugees running through the city on late Thursday, a few half-dressed, others stuffing themselves into minivans to flee. Individuals with family members inside the detention facility said the break out arose from a conflict over sleeping space and food, both of which were inadequate in the congested area. Laisel Gómez Cabrera, a Cuban who currently resides in Texas, is concerned about his spouse, Anisleidys Sosa, who is in detention in the facility for weeks.  

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