Venezuelans Starving for Information

Venezuelans Starving for Information

If you are reading this, it is more likely that your freedom has not yet taken from you. In Venezuela, people are currently facing a crisis. Venezuelans are striving really hard not only to get food and water but also to hear the news. This has been going on since January this year under Nicolás Maduro’s authoritarian government. The national journalists describe it as censorship.

It's not just a simple problem because you can see its negative impact on people. As a matter of fact, there were groups of young Venezuelan reporters who board buses just to present news to keep the people informed about the country's current situation.Any form of media like televisions and radio stations are being banned by the government. Also, covering Venezuela's crisis is being controlled. No one affords to provide paper to print one as all disappeared. Because of this, the last resort they can rely on is the internet. But authorities already blocked news outlets and social media, so no one can speak, and if there is, one will be arrested.Despite the lacking of these necessities, people are still fighting for the freedom they really deserve. Activists and former journalists are creating underground news services using other applications to keep in touch with people who are starving for information.The director of Internet freedom watchdog VE Sin Filtro (Venezuela Without Filter) says that Venezuelans are in the dark and are literally starving for information.The main function of media is mainly to inform the people about the happenings around them. The news being shared serve as a connecting strand to each individual in the society and losing it may affect the people negatively. Whatever the purpose the news may serve, its impact in the community will engage everyone to take part as one.

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