A Peruvian Journalist Accused of Ex-President’s Suicide

A Peruvian Journalist Accused of Ex-President’s Suicide
The Committee to Protect Journalists has said that Peruvian authorities ought to instantly act to ascertain the safety of reporters at IDL-Reporteros news website. It further states that officials should desist from making provocative statements accusing the outlet and its managing director, Gustavo Gorriti, for suicide incident last week of ex-president Alan Garcia. Several political dignitaries, including an ex-minister and a current member of Congress, openly pointed Gorriti as one of the people accountable for Garcia’s demise in television dialogues and social media posts last week, as revealed by Gorriti and screenshots posted with CPJ. Garcia, who led Peru in two terms, passed on in a medical operation on 17th April after killing himself when police officers entered his house to arrest him on corruption indictment, as stated by news reports.

Furious Social Media Posts Labeled Gorriti As A Murderer

As the Peruvian political group is grieving, maligning journalists like Gustavo Gorriti for doing an essential investigative report is not a correct response to Alan Garcia’s demise. The South America Program Coordinator and CPJ Central, Natalie Southwick, said that the reaction contributes to a hazardous environment that inspires demonization and can result in actual hostility against the media. In a sequence of tweets on 17th April, Congressman Héctor Becerril disapproved the nation’s prosecutors and labeled Gorriti as one of the key persons accountable for Garcia’s death. Several Twitter accounts repeated and deepened this rhetoric, defining Gorriti as an assassin and sharing photos from outside IDL Reporteros offices.

Media Accused of Defining Gorriti as Corrupt

In dialogues with newspaper RPP Noticias and nation-owned television outlet TV Peru, ex-congressman and foreign relation minister, Luis Gonzáles accused media outlets of thriving daily to create an image of Garcia as corrupt and described Gorriti as one of the forerunners of that purported campaign. Gorriti told CPJ he felt the gradually heated bombast resulting from Garcia’s death ensued stimulation of hostility against the media.

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