Russia Accused the US of Venezuela Blackout

Russia Accused the US of Venezuela Blackout
Russia has blamed the US of intentionally causing a series of power outages in Venezuela as a strategic plan to overthrow its president, Nicolas Maduro. The disaster-stricken nation has encountered a sequence of nationwide power cuts since the 7th of March, which Maduro’s government has accused on US-supported vandals and snipers, but most specialists accredit to low-quality maintenance and a bush fire that damaged a vital unit of Venezuela’s power grid. However, in an interview with the Moscow-supported broadcaster RT, defense minister for Russia, Alexander Fomin, defended Maduro’s account of events.

Fomin Believes It’s a US Strategy to Remove Maduro

Fomin asserted Washington deemed reluctant to start an outright military action against Maduro, fearing it could unite the country behind the present government and annoy other Latin American governments. He further added that the US was not a nation to idly sit by and it was using a vast range of methods in its attempt to remove Maduro, involving a human-made closure of energy services. Fomin was quoted saying that operation blackout was in progress. The Russian report was favorably produced by Telesur, Maduro’s key global propaganda outlet.

Maduro's Political Rivals Claim Blackouts as the Responsibility of His Government

Russia’s assertion opposes widespread consensus between experts and Maduro’s political competitors that Hugo Chávez’s dictatorial heir is, in fact, accountable for an unpatrolled electricity disaster that has robbed millions of residents of light and water. The latest dialogue with the Guardian, Henrique Capriles, a top opposition leader interested in the campaign to remove Maduro, described claims that power cuts were part of an anti-Maduro’s strategy an illusion. He added that he’s uncertain of what is worse; having a blackout or the government's justification and that it might perceive all Venezuelans deceived. Capriles, who slightly lost the 2103 presidential competition to Maduro, projected the power cut would proceed since the destruction imposed on Venezuela’s energy system during years of corruption.

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