The Rise in Colombia Genocides Signifies Changing Criminal Dynamics

The Rise in Colombia Genocides Signifies Changing Criminal Dynamics
A recent United Nations statistics has highlighted a shocking increase in the number of killings carried out in Colombia, showing new criminal dynamics in planned regions of the country. Mass slaughter in the Andean nation rose to twenty-nine cases in 2018 from eleven cases in 2017, according to a yearly report from the UN office of human rights. The OHCHR statement stated that the highest number of mass killings happened in the regions of Cauca, Caquetá, Antioquia and Norte de Santander predominantly affected by Colombia’s current armed war. According to the report, the first three of these regions have encountered a higher scale of human rights defenders assassinations.

Highlights of the Report

The sources explain that sixty-six percent of such scenarios were linked to the action of human rights advocates those who back the execution of the critical 2016 peace deal among the Colombian Revolutionary Armed Forces and the Colombian government, especially concerning the replacement of illicit coca crops. The annual settlement also presents a conventional analysis on the human rights condition in Colombia, pointing the rises in violence, the challenges presented by the battle against corruption and impunity, and the necessity to boost the execution of the peace accords.

Understanding Crime Investigation

The areas pointed out in the OHCHR report are an illustration of how illicit dynamics have shifted in strategic regions in Colombia since the disbandment of the FARC guerillas. Northwest Antioquia division is the center of a dispute among the Caparrapos, Urabeños, former FARC mafia gangs and the National Liberation Army. Consequently, genocides and systematic murders have become an everyday reality in the north and northeast of the division. One such mass killing took place in the municipality of Yarumal towards the beginning of 2018. As you would have thought, it was the supporters of the Urabeños who allegedly attacked suspected followers of the Caparrapos, leaving seven individuals dead.

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