Organizer of An Armed Group at Mexico-US Border Bragged of Murder Training

Organizer of An Armed Group at Mexico-US Border Bragged of Murder Training
The leader of an armed gang that unlawfully prevents migrants from crossing the US-Mexico border purportedly swanked of coaching volunteers to assassinate former US president, Barrack Obama, and former State Secretary, Hillary Clinton, as reported in court papers by an FBI agent. The report said that it found ammunition during a search at his home in 2017. On Monday, Larry Hopkins, head of the United Constitutional Patriots, arraigned in Court in Las Cruces to face indictments of being a murderer in possession of weapons.

Hopkins Arraigned in Court

The UCP has assisted the US Border Patrol arrest of five thousand six hundred immigrants in New Mexico for the last two months. Hopkins planned not to plead guilty to the pistol arraignment as stated by the defense advocate, Kelly O’Connell. The suspect further said the charges did not link to UCP's performance at the border. In green prison attire, Hopkins stood at the court relaxed and not talking to anyone other than his lawyer. The UCP has stated that its sixty days’ presence at the border was meant to assist US Border Patrol, which has been flooded by vast numbers of Central American population searching asylum. According to the court papers presented by the FBI, witnesses in 2017 blamed Hopkins of stating the UCP was preparing to eliminate Obama, Clinton, and George Soros, a supporter who backs liberal causes. The allegations came out in an investigation into extremist militia action.

The Group Accused of Conducting Illegal Activities at the Border

Critics including the American Civil Liberties Union blame the UCP of being a fascist mercenary whose members unlawfully arrest and kidnap refugees by personating law execution. UCP participants reside in a camping trailer near the border at New Mexico and are guarding it. The gang is also accused of confinement of women and children, an allegation it intensely rejects.

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