The power of Guatemalan women’s voices in Sweden

The power of Guatemalan women’s voices in Sweden
As a young Guatemalan pupil, Greta Thunberg is determined to lead a demonstration in Stockholm outside the Swedish Parliament some months ago and no one would expect the movement to escalate. From Stockholm to Chile, the rally has captured the attention of the whole world. If the leading generation does not make a change for the better, the younger generation would intercede and run the world in an innovative, inventive, and continual direction. Thunberg is just an example of how ordinary creativities can be effectual on an international scale. Such advancements can originate from unanticipated places and carry the globe with courage and willpower.Menchú is another young advocate who led by exampleJust like Greta Thungerg, Rigoberta Menchú Tum began on an expedition in the 70s to emphasize the exploitation of native inhabitants in Guatemala and the push for social equality, justice, and ethnic reconciliation centered on individual empowerment and human rights. At that time, Menchú was just fourteen years old when she began joining gatherings and meetings with her dad in various native communities in Guatemala. Both preached the idea of solidarity and unity and also urged the people to stand against oppression encountered since the colonization by Spain in the sixteen century.The youngest voices have played a key role in climate change and human rightsTowards the beginning of this year, the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize list of nominees was revealed, which included Greta Thunberg. It shows that with determination, guts, and passion a sixteen-year-old advocate for climate change can have an opportunity to transform the world. Encouragers like Greta Thunberg and Rigoberta Menchú, in spite of their entirely distinct personal stories, can join together and not only impact legislative, governmental change but also gather people from various economic status to mutually fight for climate sustainability and human rights. Their narratives may not be similar, but their ideas are alike.   

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