Exec Mariela Croci, former Sony Music Argentina, opens the Sello Marketing Agency

Exec Mariela Croci, former Sony Music Argentina, opens the Sello Marketing Agency
Twenty years later after working as the head of Sony Music Argentina sales departments, Mariela Croci initiated her marketing business focusing on the guidance and development of artists. As her Billboard Argentina states, without will-power, vision, desire, and direction, it has no energy. She explained these are the current times when many artists are baffled by the latest behavior of fans and the other methods of consumption. According to Croci, the Sello is a workshop of inventive ideas that plan positioning strategies and market artists. The company takes the artist dreams and attempts to achieve it. Croci's seal in Sony was always that one and that is what she intends to provide in The Sello. As she said, she has never stopped even for a moment, be it a rest or anything.Launching the agency was not all that easyFor Croci to resign from Sony and start entrepreneurship, it was not a straightforward decision. As she recalls, it was like a separation or divorce where you reason several times, rationalizing till you finally decide. The founder felt the most to assist an artist was extending a hand, compassion, and engaging one on one. To achieve that, she believed that beginning her agency would be a suitable alternative, and she's indeed enjoying it. Content is an essential dominance, which is why many artists are the business’ capital.The Sello has attracted many artistsEver since The Sello began operations, performers such as Santiago Cruz, Carlos, Rivera, Joystick, Rombai, Reik, Juan Ingaramo, and Camila have determined to work with her. Croci stated that the first individuals who came to her were the managers and artists with whom she's worked with in recent years. She believes they approached her because of her knowledge in the industry and her artistic and strategic vision. 

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