What Venezuela misses out whenever there is power blackout?

What Venezuela misses out whenever there is power blackout?
Whenever there is a blackout in Venezuela, citizens are aware they have lost more than the lighting. It is because there is also no internet connection, tap water, and phone service all of which make life easier. Power blackouts have been customary in areas far from Caracas for several years. However, ever since they became regular and extensive throughout Venezuela, the crude oil producing country makes a loss of five hundred million dollars daily. It results in the government suspending productive work as stated by the National Assembly Legislature. Nevertheless, apart from the finances, there are various other factors disrupted by the current electricity catastrophe that started last March on 7th.Inaccessibility to running water a major crisisEven though most Venezuelan are not certain of accessing running water daily, the pipelines run dry whenever a power outage strikes, and it is not possible to operate the pumps that supply water to the residents. Millions of inhabitants walk down the river streams to fetch water for laundry, self-hygiene, and at the same time filling containers when it rains. After consistent power cuts in the recent weeks, the authority has put up water wagons and distribution points, an alternative that some residents purchase at an overrated price of two hundred dollars.Internet and phone communication shut downMajority of Venezuelans use internet supplied by the local Internet providers which go down when a blackout takes place and can last for seventy-two hours. According to non-government organizations, from 7th March, for at least seven occurrences, ninety percent of Venezuelan internet users have encountered disconnection by power blackouts. Uncertain of success, residents go to certain points in their areas where they are most likely able to connect to a signal. In spite of it being weak, it will enable them to communicate via Whatsapp or access social networks. Mobile phones are also affected in terms of battery length-life. 

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