Ex-Peruvian President Alan Garcia’s suicide note read by his daughter at funeral

Ex-Peruvian President Alan Garcia’s suicide note read by his daughter at funeral
Ex-president of Peru, Alan Garcia, took his own life by shooting himself in the head after authorities arrived at his home to apprehend him due to speculations of taking bribes from Odebrecht, a Brazilian company.Garcia’s suicide note was read by his beloved daughter at his funeral while grieving for her loss. He stated in his suicide note that the injustices of being apprehended for accusations of corruption should not burden him.Investigations on how the Odebrecht Company bribed Latin American electoral candidates and officials to gain lucrative yet suspicious building contracts became a sprawling scandal. The investigations found the former Peruvian president as one of the primary suspects. To avoid arrest, Alan Garcia took his own life.Garcia’s friends, allies, and members of his APRA party paid him tribute at their headquarters. APRA is one of the longest-running political parties in Latin America.Anger and criticisms were aimed by some citizens at current Peruvian President Martin Vizcarra in light of Garcia’s claim that the accusations pressed against him were solely for political purposes.Luciana Garcia Nores, daughter of Alan Garcia, read the note her father left before taking his own life. The ex-president wrote on his note that he has seen other high-ranking officials paraded under the watchful eyes of the media with their hands cuffed and vowed to never suffer the same fate. He also wrote that the dignity of his decisions is left to his children and his pride to his colleagues. He stated that his dead body is a sign of contempt to his adversaries as he fulfilled the goal he set to himself. Garcia ended his suicide note praying to God to protect those who are humble and pure-hearted.Investigations on the Odebrecht scandal are still conducted by authorities to uncover more buried secrets concerning this matter.

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