Guatemalan Presidential Contestant Detained in the US on Drug Trafficking Charges

Guatemalan Presidential Contestant Detained in the US on Drug Trafficking Charges
A DEA investigation resulted in the impediment of Guatemalan presidential contender in Miami, Florida. The detectives claim that he plotted to offer support to the Sinaloa Cartel by importing cocaine into the US and, in return, gains millions of dollars for his deteriorating presidential campaign. Adolphus P. Wright and Geoffrey S. Berman, attorneys for the US Southern District of New York, together with an agent heading the US Miami Division, made a public declaration of Mario Amilcar Estrada's arrest. He was detained alongside the political party head, Juan Pablo Gonzales Mayorga, beginning of the week in Miami.The Accomplice Supposedly Planned to Transport the Drugs to the US. The two suspected were accused of collaborating with the Sinaloa cartel to mutually import cocaine in the US. The accomplices provided Guatemalan government assistance in drug smuggling activities directed to the US in exchange for lobby financing for Estrada Orellana’s presidential campaign. As per the US Attorney’s office, the DEA started exploring a conspiracy linking Guatemalan Presidential contestant Estrada in December 2018. He purportedly tried to ask 10-12 million dollars in campaign financing from the Sinaloa alliance in exchange for collaboration from the Guatemalan government in shipping ton loads of cocaine via Guatemalan airports and sea dispatching locations.They said it would Boost the Likelihood of Fruitful Presidential RalliesIn the course of DEA-led scrutiny, detectives presented two aiding confidential sources who posed as Sinaloa lobby operatives. They bargained with Gonzales and Estrada in Miami and Guatemala City, as stated by prosecutors. The two sources afterwards purportedly established an undercover DEA investigator who posed as a cartel assassin who Gonzales and Estrada were going to employ to get rid of political competitors in Guatemala preceding the June election. During the discussions, Estrada supposedly suggested that if he won the election with finances from the cartel, he would ascertain that the Sinaloa lobby would have an uninterrupted influence on significant appointments to operate the defence department in charge of the Guatemala armed forces. 

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