Argentina must Cease its Back to the Future Methodology

Argentina must Cease its Back to the Future Methodology
With Argentina currently facing doubts and indecision, the Argentine Football Association and the national team itself expresses their desire to revisit the past glories. Reminiscence formed a long shadow over Viamonte, stimulating proposals for the Albiceleste that seem better appropriate in 1978 than 2019. The determination to place legendary trainer and 1978 World Cup victor, César Luis Menotti, in the unclear and ill-defined position of manager is an indication of the times. Menotti certainly has an excellent track record, having derived titles at home and internationally during his six-decade relationship with football.Menotti Seems too Focused on his Preferred ProjectWith Lionel Scaloni priding minor knowledge on the bench, the impression was to position at the coach’s disposal one of the match’s most adorned figures, sort of a mentor to guide him during the Copa América and elsewhere. Even though Menotti is nonconformist, he appears to have other ideas. However, Scaloni seems to be better off in modern football. As Argentina stumbles towards the Copa, the eighty-year-old is concentrating on his favorite venture. Scaloni being forty years old is halfway Menotti’s age.Things not Working for the BetterA national team comprised of players working in the Superliga, which can operate mutually throughout and provide the temperament of that first World Cup victory. Whereas the manager has succeeded to persuade Claudio, AFA President, of the benefits of his plan, Scaloni himself remains hesitant. Addressing the reporters, he said that if it is likely, the local team establishes; if it is not so, it will not. He further said that the calendar is complex and it will be difficult. They are cooperative, but it is hard. Other reports say that the matter has resulted in a negative impasse among Menotti and his presumed underlying, with attempts to plan a meeting yet to take place. 

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