Former Peruvian President’s Daughter Reads Suicide Letter at Funeral

Former Peruvian President’s Daughter Reads Suicide Letter at Funeral
Peru’s Former President, Alan Garcia, ended his life on Wednesday by shooting himself in the head as police arrive at his home in the capital, Lima. Authorities are about to arrest the ex-head of state in connection with a corruption scandal that plagued Latin America – the Odebrecht Scandal.  Allegedly, Garcia had taken bribes from the said Brazilian construction company.As thousands of mourners attended the funeral for the late President, acquaintances, political allies, and heads of different political organizations paid their respect to the past President at the main office of his political party, the APRA, in Lima.There was a great deal of exasperation toward at President Martin Vizcazza, with some calling, “Vizcarra is a murderer” at the wake, in the citation of Garcia’s allegation that his prosecution had been for political interest.A suicide note from the former Peruvian President Alan Garcia is read by his daughter during the wake.In the note, Garcia expressed that he did not have to agonize the “injustices” of being taken into custody for the suspicion of bribery.In the noteLuciana Garcia Nores, the President’s daughter, read the letter written down by her father.In the note, as stated by Efe news agency, Alan stated that he does not have to be paraded in handcuffs and suffer those circuses and injustices.For this reason alone, Alan stated that he's leaving his children in the dignity of his decisions and his colleagues, a sign of his pride. To his adversaries, his corpse as a sign of his contempt towards them as he had already fulfilled the goals that he set for his self“May God, to whom I go with dignity, protect the good-hearted and the most humble.”AccusationsAuthorities claim that the former President took bribes from Odebrecht, specifically during the president’s second term in office. The said bribe is in connection with a metro project in Lima.Odebrecht, on the other hand, disclosed that they paid almost $30 million in bribes in Peru way back in 2004.But, Garcia declared that he himself was a victim of political oppression, writing in a tweet on Tuesday that there was “no substantial evidence” against him.In November 2018, he made a petition before the Uruguayan government for political asylum, but the request was rejected. 

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