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Chile conducts testing of solar power island

An island of solar panels floating on the tailings deposit of Las Tortolas in Colina, Chile is being experimented for its feasibility on generating renewable energy and reducing water evaporation at mining operations, boosting both efficiency and deposit. Mining company giant Anglo American runs the experimental and potential electricity-generating island at its Los Bronces mine. […]

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Is this it for Lionel Messi?

Who is the Greatest of all time when it comes to modern day football? Cristiano Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Diego Maradona or the phenomenal Lionel Messi? Every soccer fan has his or her own preference when it comes to selecting his top choice. However, there is no doubt that almost every soccer fan regards Messi as one […]

Colombia, Education, Region

Teacher Close Schools across Colombia, Claiming Chronic State Neglect

Agitated, Colombian teachers took to the streets of the major cities demanding from the government increased public investment for nation schooling. FECODE, which is the teacher’s union in Colombia, expressed its dissatisfaction with President Duque’s development strategy aimed at formulating policies for the next four years.  According to the union, the program has failed to […]

Mexico, oil

New Tone on Energy for the Mexican AMLO

Within the first 100 days in the office, Mexico’s AMLO has taken a nationalistic tone on energy. Andres Manuel Lopez- Obrador, the Mexican President, announced plans to progress forward with the construction of a new refinery. How did the first 100 days for Andres Manuel Lopez in office affect private and foreign investors? The president’s […]

Guatemala, Politics

Former Attorney General Receives Arrest Order from a Guatemala Judge

Thelma Aldama, 63, Guatemala’s presidential candidate and former attorney general, receives an arrest order from a Guatemalan judge, citing the charges of embezzlement, lying, and tax fraud. According to a Supreme Court official, Judge Victor Cruz issued the warrant on the grounds of corruption inquiry involving hiring. Aldana, who is currently in El Salvador capital, […]

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Traders Monitoring Argentina’s Peso

As Argentinians wait for the October presidential elections, the business community expects the peso to fluctuate. As presumed, the main challenger against President Macri is candidate Cristina Kirchner. Actual contestants will undoubtedly come to light on June 22 when the relevant parties will present their candidates. Inflation and economic growth will be Macri’s determinants of […]

Landscaping Business

How to Market Your Landscaping Business

A landscaping business involves offering products and services like SECRET HIDEOUT which create and conserve lawns on both residential and commercial grounds. You can get your landscaping business known to people through various marketing strategies. Tips to Be Used in Marketing Your New Landscaping Business The following are the top marketing ideas used in promoting […]


7 of the Best Gardens You Might Want to Visit

Traveling can be a wonderful activity for anyone who wants to experience unforgettable memories in their lifetime. Aside from that, it can also be a way to learn different things that this beautiful Earth has to offer. After all, our planet has different places with rich historical background that one can learn through exploration and […]


How to Grow Cannabis for Oil

Cannabis is becoming more popular among users in the world. In the United States, it’s the phenomenon surrounding cannabis that has made it normal, relieving, and addicting to many people. Some countries in Europe have legalized cannabis but others haven’t yet. In countries where it’s legal, growing cannabis is an art that needs to be […]


How to Apply Sulfur to Garden

The soil’s components are composed of sulfur and other elements needed for plant production. When there’s little or no sulfur in the soil, it will cause the plant to become yellowish and make it bear less fruit. In worse cases, there won’t be any fruit production at all. Sulfur acts in two ways in order […]


How to Make a Tower Garden

For those people who would like to start gardening but only have lesser space in the yard, vertical gardening or commonly called tower garden is the answer. This latest trend of gardening will allow every household to grow vegetable plants at a cheaper cost. With this idea, it is much healthier for a family to […]